Cloud backup with Carbonite through PC Therapist in the Seattle and Bellevue-area including Managed Computer IT and Network Administration and outsourced Chief Information Officer (CTO/CIO) services, also serving Northgate, Shoreline, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Redmond, Kirkland, and Renton


Ask anyone about the importance of their computer files, and they’ll tell you: files are not just files.

For a business, they represent customer records, invoices, contracts and employee files. For individuals and families, they are videos of their child's first steps, tax records, a draft novel, favorite recipes, college essays and more.

What happens when your computer dies? Even if you have an external hard drive back-up system, what happens if there's a fire?

Enter Carbonite... the “cloud backup” system currently being used by more than 1.5 million customers, including 50,000 small businesses and home offices. Carbonite offers secure, easy-to-use, affordable backup solutions for data protection and recovery, with anytime / anywhere accessibility.

No More Data Loss

With a Carbonite cloud backup system, your data will be continuously backed up and protected from fire, flood, theft or other data disasters, and you can access your data anytime, anywhere.   

PC Therapist: your Authorized Carbonite Reseller

After personally researching the company and its services, Carbonite is the #1 back up system we recommend here at PC Therapist. We became an authorized reseller—not only because it allowed us to pass along our industry discount to our clients, but because we know that when your data is securely backed up, our lives get a whole lot easier.

When you sign up for Carbonite with PC Therapist, your first 250GB of data storage is FREE with a yearly contract, with additional discounts for more storage space.

Start your free trial here >

Fast, Affordable, Reliable Data Backup


What’s a “Cloud Backup” system?

“The cloud" or "cloud computing" are technology terms for the use of a secure, off-site data center to store and retrieve information. Professionally managed data centers are in the business of safeguarding data, using “redundant disk arrays” (multiple backup computer servers), temperature controlled environments, fire suppression and detection systems, uninterrupted power supply, emergency backup power and more to ensure maximum security.


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